Service and Support

Service and Support2

After Sales Service and Support

Any machine – even the best-designed ones – require maintenance and technical support. Autotec considers technical service and support to be a core component of our business.

Our service technicians utilize remote machine access through the Internet to troubleshoot an issue. Once diagnosed, we work with our customers’ machine technicians to fix the problem. We stock key parts for every machine and can often get them shipped and delivered overnight. Our goal is to get the machine back on line with little disruption – an action always appreciated by
our customers.

Have a service or spare parts request? We can help. Call or send us a message and we’ll get back with you shortly.

Autotec Engineering
6155 Brent Drive
Toledo, OH 43611

Phone: 419.885.2529

Matt Morabito: ext 221

Steve Castle: ext 225

Fax: 419.882.3164

We’d love to hear from you.