How We Do It

Jim Proffitt, Vice President of Research and Development, talks about the Autotec time-tested process in devising effective solutions for our customers’ problems.


There are five phases for every Autotec project. This process, in place since 1972, has proved to be an effective method in building superb machines that satisfy our customers, who keep returning.


Phase 1: Research and Development

It all starts with R&D. Autotec’s talented, team-oriented engineers identify, combine, and apply the best technology in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. The significance?  When combined, these capabilities provide a comprehensive understanding of any problem and produce innovative solutions that deliver long-term product and manufacturing advantages to our customers.


Phase 2: Design and Engineering

Once we identify a process issue for an Autotec customer our engineers design a cost-effective concept. We then build a prototype, which we thoroughly test to ensure it works. If it works, we build a machine based on our prototype that we know will solve our customer’s process issue.


Phase 3: Project Management

Our process-solving ideas come to successful fruition because we efficiently mange every project from start-to-finish with a close eye on the bottom line. No part of the process is too small to ignore. Concepts are created, designed, tested, refined and implemented with careful and precise validation at every step. As a result, an Autotec-built machine often exceeds our customer’s performance and cost expectations.


Phase 4: Installation

Designing and building an effective machine is only part of the solution process. As a turn-key manufacturer, we personally install our machines and make sure they perform as designed. After a machine is installed our engineers remain on-site, working with the customers to make sure they know how to operate our equipment. We don’t leave until we’re confident our customer achieves the performance required to meet their manufacturing goals.


Phase 5: After-Market Support

Any machine – even the best-designed ones – require maintenance and technical support. Our service technicians utilize remote machine access through the Internet to troubleshoot an issue. Once diagnosed, we work with our customers’ machine technicians to fix the problem. We stock key parts for every machine and can often get them shipped and delivered overnight. Our goal is to get the machine back on line with little disruption – an action always appreciated by our customers.