In-Mold Labeling

Among Autotec’s niche areas of expertise is its ability to design and build state-of-the-art in-mold labeling systems. Our engineers design and build machines that affix labels in the most efficient manner to plastic bottles that are produced utilizing the blow molding, injection molding and thermoforming processes.

We are known for the incorporation of linear servo motors into in-mold labeling systems to achieve the short cycle times and accurate label placements required by such equipment. These motors are rarely used in the package labeling industry, but it’s an example of our innovative approach to machine design and engineering.

We also are expert in designing cable systems that are more flexible, last longer and are easier to replace.

Our in-mold labeling systems feature custom-built control systems with a common PLC, HMI touch screen terminal and servo drives. All these components are connected by Ethernet which allows easy communication by laptop, smart phone or tablet.