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System Integration

From the point your product is made to the shipping dock, Autotec has an automated solution. All of our systems are custom designed to meet our customer’s unique challenges. With and experienced engineering team, we are a System Integrator with the added benefit of design and build capabilities. Learn More

Robotic Solutions

Autotec robotic solutions offer reliability, speed & repeatability with your products. With seemingly endless robotic applications, our systems offer flexibility and ease of use. Learn More

Material Handling

For reliable operation and longevity, material handling takes expertise in application and design. Our heavy duty, straight forward designs move your product efficiently through the complete system. Learn More

Finishing Systems

When it comes to finishing & trimming rigid plastics, no one has more experience than Autotec Engineering. We assist our customers in bringing new products to market and assure uninterrupted operation in the process line. Learn More



Founded in 1972, Autotec Engineering has a long history supplying engineered solutions and custom machines. With an excellent reputation in the plastics sector, our business has evolved to include ever increasing robotics and automation across multiple industries. We supply turnkey systems featuring Finishing Systems, Pick & Place Robotics, Depalletizers, Palletizers, Labeling, Pallet & Slipsheet Handling, Case & Carton Handling, Conveyors and Sortation Systems.


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#DidYouKnow, Autotec Solutions was formerly known as Autotec Engineering. We have grown from our original engineering-only services into a full system integration provider. We look forward to continued growth!
Learn more about us at https://t.co/PyuAnDIjOw.

System Integration: Ready for smoother start-ups and achieving goals faster? Meet our engineers and sales staff and understand more about Autotec Solutions.

Here's our story: Meet the Autotec team, see some of our capabilities and hear our thoughts on safety, quality control, execution, problem solving, customer focus and perseverance. https://t.co/N56lYHmwLW

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